How to start your own company?

When you set up a new enterprise, there’s a lot to consider. How will you finance your business venture or company premises? As an entrepreneur, are you eligible to pay VAT? 

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Am I eligible for the small business scheme (KOR)?

You are entitled to tax relief if you pay less than € 1.883 VAT (turnover tax) every year. If this applies to you, you are eligible to use the small business scheme (known in Dutch as the kleineondernemersregeling, or KOR)..

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What is Corporation Tax?

Corporation Tax, also referred to in Dutch as VPB, is a tax levied on companies’ profits. If you have structured your firm as a private limited company or public limited company, you will need to file Corporation Tax returns.

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Am I eligible for the self-employed tax deduction?

The self-employed tax deduction is a tax allowance for start-up entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals and freelancers. The scheme allows you to deduct fixed amounts from your profits. How does this benefit you? It means that you pay less tax.

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